Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who managed not to update for over a month? Yeah...Sorry. x_x

Anyways, all I will be posting here is a sketch I made ooon my birthday....Which was last Monday, the 13th. (17 FTW. Woo!) It's my main fursona and secondary fursona, together. :P (You will find I have many different representations of myself. It's kind of crazy actually.)

It was a lovely birthday. I got a new bike, some lovely jewelry, some really cute Keds and a stuffed Spyro that looks like a little troll. (Love 'im.)
Now I need to get my hands on the new game and hope it isn't horrid. :D


oxpecker said...

your faces are full of life and always perfect, these very important things! i love to watch all your art but especially the eyes and mouths and noses make me smile.

happy birthday! very late though still good :)