Friday, January 2, 2009

Werehogs in Winter

Oh my, lookie there, I didn't upload for well over a month-and-a-half. This is starting to sound like my diary.
Anyways, not being at school has been just about the best thing ever. Had the relatives come over, ate lots of food off the fancy dishes, got lots of presents, (my new laptop is coming next week! Yaaay!) and played lots of mind-numbing videogames.

Thus I present my picture, inspired by the videogame I got for Christmas: Sonic Unleahsed. The game has just about the most bizarre plot ever, but it was really fun to play. The picture was mostly an exercise to keep my PS muscles operable, and it barely did that. I feel rusty. Anyways, it was a good learning experience and I got to use the radial blur for the first time.